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press club for creative tweens without borders!


Children from all around the world have participated in our initiative since our pilot website was launched in 2018. They truly love being productive with Tweens Media!


So far, we have received children's submissions of writings and artwork from 31 different countries.  The best ones were transformed into 4 issues of high-quality International Tweens magazine. Starting from the inner circle of our family and friends, we have now reached over 1500 global readers only by word-of-mouth.

 Now we are ready to invite more tweens worldwide to join our online press club. Our agenda: We want more children to use media in ways that bring purpose and positive impact.


We share the vision of UN Sustainable Development Goals. For every tween whose work we publish, we plant a tree through Plant for the Planet. While we sow the vital seeds of meaningful and positive media use in young minds, we also plant trees to support global reforestation.

Why not join us to make a difference?

Purposeful Media Use

Critical Thinking Skills

Broaden Perspectives



Positive Impact and More


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I had an amazing experience doing the interview and talking to people. I want to become a reporter when I grow up. 

Henry, 11. Sweden

Motivate Kids to Create and Achieve Noble Goals 

Help Tweens Develop Useful Life Skills to Navigate in Real World

Raise Awareness of Ethics and Values

Provide A Great Alternative  to Current Kids' Media 

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